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Virtual university

Welcome to AdArena Virtual university LAB

AdArena is marketing and advertising VIDEO BLOG.
New lectures, videos, talks and interviews are added every week.

Main courses are divided into six topics:

If you enjoy watching AdArena Lab, help me to find new lectures. For any other question or comment, write to: adarena.blogspot AT

Michal Pastier

I am student of Marketing communication department of Comenius University in Slovakia. My first blog AdArena SEX SELLS is about creative advertising. It has more than 20 000 visits in one month and new posts are added every day. Blog is focused on new media, guerrilla and viral campaigns. I work as a copywriter in most effective and creative (in 2005 by Strategie) ad agency in Slovakia Istropolitana D'Arcy .

E.g. one of my last works is worldwide campaign for Peugeot Partner. So, buy this car:)

AdArena Virtual University LAB - Marketing and advertising VIDEO BLOG.